I am a Cheater

Yes, I admit it. I cheat. I’m not proud but it’s necessary in this case.

It’s fashion that make me cheat. I can’t help it.

I look at my favorite online stores and I copy the looks in the “Top Looks” section. I like to think I’m super fashionable and able to create my looks on my own. And mostly I do create my own looks. But lately, I have been checking out the top looks on The Limited website and the Loft website. And, I’ve copied a few. And I’ve loved them!

Here’s my latest look from The Limited that I need to have…and it will help me break out of my ‘no patterns’ rule.

See, sometimes cheating is justified.

Okay, it’s never justified. I always confess to my friends that I’ve copied the look from whichever website. I’m honest that way.



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