This parenting gig is so much harder than I thought it would be

I honestly believed before I had children that I was going to be an awesome parent.  My plan was to give lots of love with firm discipline. It turns out that parenting is so much harder than I ever imagined.

Fast forward to today.  Here’s what I’ve learned about parenting:

I love my children more than I thought possible.

Both of my boys have completely different personalities and require different parenting techniques.

When either one of them are struggling, be it school work, sickness, behavior, getting along with peers, romance, you name it, my heart breaks.  It sometimes feels as if someone has stuck a knife in my belly anytime something isn’t going right in their lives.

Teenagers will take advice from a perfect stranger before they will take your advice.

First love sucks.  It is drama and angst filled and you will be drawn into it.

Sometimes you just need to hang in there with whatever difficulty they are having.

Sometimes you have to be tough.  You have to follow through on tough discipline and you have to fight for them.

People are quick to judge your parenting.

I am sure that there are things that I’ve left off the list.  But if I were to summarize all of it in a nutshell I would say that it’s really all about hanging in there, cherishing the small moments of love and laughter, loving them, fighting with them and fighting for them.

It really is so much harder than I thought it would be.  And so much more rewarding.


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