You can call me Frank

When it comes to discussing sex with my boys you can call me Frank. My mom did a great job of discussing sex with me and my siblings and I am trying to emulate her in my own style. You could discuss anything with my mom and she said we should consider it to be like talking about your elbow. It’s just your body and you shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about how it functions.

Having said that, I have been surprised by some of the questions that have come my way. Other children with older siblings and unlimited access to the Internet have helped my sons pose questions that I wasn’t prepared to answer. I won’t repeat the questions because they were pretty graphic. But it did lead to a discussion about healthy, normal sex between two loving partners.

Here is one tip…bookmark It helped me with my own education.

In the end, all questions have opened a door for me to share my opinions on sex, relationships and morality. There is nothing wrong with that, no matter how the door was opened. Don’t be afraid to walk through that door.


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