Obsess Much? – The Oven Rack Edition

Why yes, yes I do. Ride along with me on my journey to obsess less.

Here’s what I obsessed over yesterday: Cleaning my oven racks. Cleaning the oven itself is easy. Turn on the clean feature and let it rip. The racks however, have to be cleaned manually. I sprayed, scrubbed and rinsed them. They turned out pretty well. But they weren’t perfectly pristine clean. And that is my problem. I found myself planning to spend today cleaning the racks again. Because you know having perfectly clean pristine oven racks brings you closer to God, makes your food taste perfect and impresses the hell out of all of your friends. Right?

Alright it’s absurd. I finally realized it, too. Today I am NOT spending my time cleaning my oven racks for the second time. And nothing bad is going to happen to me as a result.

Here’s a picture of my oven racks for you to be the judge.