Attention all Females!

Do not use scrunchies in your hair! They are seriously out of date and they make you look frumpy. Use a simple elastic rubber band. It will look much cuter and more sophisticated.


It’s a Hairy Situation


Vanity Post #1

ImageI mentioned in a previous post that I’m a pretty vain person.  I’m not proud of it.  Sometimes I even try to work on it and be a little less vain.  Not with my hair.  I use a lot of products to try and have beautiful, glossy, un-frizzy hair.

Back in the day I had perfectly straight hair.  You know, when curly perms were in.  Now that straight hair is in my hair has turned hormonal.  Crazy cow licks and frizz everywhere.  Throw in thick, unruly gray hairs and you have a mess (breathe…the gray hair is colored).

This is just like when I had a flat stomach and high-waisted jeans were in.  Now that I’ve had two children and am in my 40s the low-rise jeans are in and let’s just say that no one wants to see my belly now.  Not even me.  My body and fashion are totally out of sync.

So here I am, living in humid Florida with hormonal hair still believing that I can attain straight, glossy hair. I’m not even sure that’s possible here.  But I try.  I really try.

Hence the picture of all the products above.  It’s really ridiculous how much time I spend on my hair.  Thankfully I only wash my hair every 3rd day.  But the days I wash my hair takes a ridiculous amount of time.  It’s like I’m a teenager again.

First I wash with the Loreal products above.  Sulfate free (I’m told this is essential but who really knows) and hydrating for the hormonal hair.  I buy this stuff at Target.

Then I smooth in some Moroccan Oil.  I buy this stuff at Target, too.  I just started using it and I like it a lot.  In the past this kind of product has made my hair look oily but this one doesn’t.

Now I begin the blow drying.  I use a brush by Goody that helps take the water out as I blow dry.

Next comes the Tea Tree Styling Wax and the Paul Mitchell Smoothing Gloss Drops.  I put a very small amount into the palm of my hand and mix together.  Then I run my hands through my hair to apply the product, careful not to get too close to the roots.

Finally, the flat iron.

All of this and my hair looks pretty decent.  A final spray of Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray.  I really have to resist the urge here to coat my hair in hairspray.  I grew up in the 80s.  The days of AquaNet and feathered hair.  Everyone used to spray their hair until it wouldn’t move in hurricane force strength winds.  I try not to do that anymore because then it screams to everyone that I am old.  #helmethairsucks

Then I walk outside and it all goes to hell in a hand basket.  Ok, that’s an exaggeration.  This combo of products works pretty well.

This is just a pain in the a$$ to deal with on a regular basis.  I’m probably going to chop it all off this summer.  I really like Portia DeRossi’s short hair and might have mine cut to look like hers.  It’s probably better suited to my hormonal hair anyway.

Full disclosure:  here’s my hair in the 80’s, permed, teased and sprayed!