I am a Shoe Whore

Isn’t there a line from the Jennifer Weiner book “In Her Shoes” about fitting into the same size shoe even when you gain weight? I can’t remember the exact quote but I certainly live it. Shoes never let you down. A fabulous pair is always waiting to be found. I am known at work for my shoes. I like to think my fashion style is classic with a modern twist and a slightly outrageous pair of shoes. I really rely on my shoes to let my rebellious side out. Ok, so it’s a pretty minor rebellion but I need to stay on the good side of the law, keep a job, and be a good example for my boys. So, cut me a little slack for saying my shoes are my rebellion. 🙂

Yesterday I went to Dillard’s and bought these two pairs of shoes:



Pretty fab – right?!

I have a dress on order from The Limited to wear with the yellow shoes. I also have a couple of ideas running through my head on other outfits to wear with the yellow shoes. I think shoes with some color are essential for this season. Color is big this year. Let’s embrace it!